Living & Working in UAE


The UAE comfortably leads the rest of the world in the net migration rate, proving that it is by farthe first choice for professionals from a range of industries who want to work abroad. Although it was originally its oil reserves that kick-started the region’s economic boom, two decades of diversification have seen the UAE expand to become one of the most highly developed, fastestgrowing economies in the world. The boom in sectors such as construction and financial services, coupled with changes in the laws of foreign ownership, have seen many of the world’s leading companies look to establishthemselves in the UAE, most notably in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This in turn has led to excellent career opportunities in a number of industries for professionals looking to relocate to this region.The benefits of working in the UAE include a tax-free income, a high standard of living and awarm climate.

Living in the UAE – Fast facts

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  • The UAE is the No.1 Middle Eastern country on the 2010 Prosperity Index and 30th globally.
  • The working week is typically between 40 and 48 hours, with the weekend being Friday and Saturday.
  • English is the principle language of business across the UAE
  • Such is the health of the economy that unemployment figures are under 2%.
  • The UAE is one of the most liberal countries in the Middle East, accepting many religions and cultures
  • Expats from over 150 countries make up 85% of the population

Visa requirements in the UAE

You will require a visa to enter the UAE whether you are visiting for business or pleasure, or planning to live and work here. You will also need a full passport and if working here, full sponsorship details from your company. Visa options include visitor visa, tourist visa, transit visa or residence visa, depending on where you are coming from and how long you are staying. You can find out more about visa requirements from your national UAE embassy website.

Looking for opportunities further afield?

Our office in Dubai not only covers the entire UAE but also the wider GCC region. Also, with our international presence we are well positioned to help find you the perfect job across locations including Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Ireland, the Netherlands, Singapore and the UK. Contact Morgan McKinley today to find out more


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