Welcome to EGSE section for employers, where you‟ll find resources to help you recruit and retain the best staff.

We‟ll work with you to understand your business requirements and ensure that you find the most appropriate candidate for the job. The fact that we had existed &survive for more than 4 decades and manage to stay amongst the top recruitment performer in the region, we are proud to say that we have in our side an able & well motivated staffs to lead EGSE in the right direction.

We are different from most recruitment firms. As such, we look for a different type of person when hiring our consultants.

Admittedly, we are typical in that we are a highly focused and commercial organization, and that business development is a crucial component of a consultant’s role. Where we differ is the importance we ascribe to the quality of our service and the long-term reputation of our firm. When we look for new consultants to join our team, we look for highlyprofessional people who value what they do and take pride in delivering quality service.This is a role for peoplewho enjoy building strong and mutually beneficial client relationships over months and years.

Let us show you how we do business. Just post a Job and one of our specialist consultants will contact you.


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